Planning & travelling

I’m a rather organised person and I like to have things planned. I’m not as bad as Monica from Friends but somewhat close… It’s clearly visible in many aspects of my life (I’ll mention some of it sooner or later), for instance when I’m in a process of planning next travel, whether it’s a city break, trip home or holidays. Surely, some of that is strongly connected with the nature of my job, where I can’t allow much spontaneity and flexibility and I have to count and treasure every day of my annual leave as much as possible. Having said that there is room for some freedom! I’ve learned through experience that when I have things planned they are more prone to happen and less time is wasted. I like to know well in advance when and where we’re going, where we’re staying and how we’re going to get there.

At the moment we’re considering a short skiing trip with our friends! Most probably in March in Italy – with at least a crowd of four. I’m far from being a skier, let alone being a good one. Still, I enjoy it and hopefully one day I’ll see a progress… Being terrified of heights and not being too skilful with sports equipment, it makes the whole process a bit complicated. Nevertheless, the last trip to Madonna di Campiglio in Italy was fantastic, and I didn’t mind the fact that I could not move for two weeks after three days of skiing.

Don't look down!

Ok, it’s not very high, but don’t look down!

Enoying bombardino with the view

Enoying bombardino with the view

I put on a brave face!

I put on a brave face!


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