New heart for a better start!

I haven’t been hear for a while… But I hope to go back and post few new blog entries soon!

Today I want to share a story of a little girl with you, who needs our help… Natalia will be born in June – she’ll be the first child of my childhood friends. A first child after years of struggles and unsuccessful attempts…

We hear the horror stories of health issues of newborn babies every day and we try and help as much as we can. Unfortunately, sometimes we turn a blind eye on other peoples’ troubles. But only when it actually happens within the close circles of our friends and family we start to realise how painful the experience is and how unfortunate some people really are…

Natalia’s little heart is not developing properly. She’s a brave little fighter and she joyfully jumps and kicks her mummy’s tummy now. But once she’s born she needs to have a heart surgery done immediately… Her parents visited numerous specialists and are full of faith that all will be good! They have arranged to have the surgery done in Germany so that only one procedure is done with qualified and experienced doctors. Then, when she’s older she will skip and jump joyfully with other kids in the playground!

In order to undergo the surgery in the German clinic, Natalia’s parents need 31,500 euro. All our friends are doing the best they can to reach as many people as possible as every cent counts… Natalia, her parents and me will really appreciate your help on this.

I hope we can count on you guys!

Thanks a million,


Here are the details for the bank transfers:

IBAN USD: PL93 1600 1101 0003 0502 1175 2024 “Natalia Zubrzycka – Pykacz”

IBAN EUR: PL50 1600 1101 0003 0502 1175 2022 “Natalia Zubrzycka – Pykacz”



And here is a note from Natalia’s parents:

“It had been years of struggling for us to get pregnant . Hospital, doctors, treatments, medicines, hormones and a lot of pain after each unsuccessful attempt. We wanted nothing more than to have a child, our own child.

After the pain of all the miscarriages became unbearable, finally we decided to stop, to take a break, to try to let it go and to concentrate on ourselves and the life around us.

Then then the miracle happened. Without any medical intervention and hormonal support, without doctors and treatments rooms, she appeared. It came to us as the sweetest shock. Just like that, with no discussion, preparation and just when we had given up. Everything felt just as it should do. Until.

Until we found out that our long awaited daughter, Natalia has Truncus Arteriosus, a complex defect in which a single vessel, instead of two separate arteries develop from the heart.
This is not something that any expectant parent wants to hear. But after the initial shock, it made us believe that she is even more special. That her already long and complicated way to be with us gets even more complicated, but that just shows how strong and determined she is to be alive.
She is playing her part perfectly, still inside me. Our duty, as her parents is to raise 30,000 Euros to enable her to have an operation with Prof. Edward Malec in UKM Münster in Germany
Please help us make it happen.”



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