Baking day

Being stuck at home for a couple of days I used my spare time (in between working from home) at some baking. I ended up with very nice ‘power cookies’ made of oats, nuts, coconut, sultanas and a banana, and vanilla buns. The latter were not so nice but it was purely due to me not being a very good baker, especially when it involves yeast and growing stuff. I found both recipes on a  newly discovered blog “What should I eat for breakfast today” by Marta, in which I fell in love with instantly. You’ll find the recipes (in Polish) here and here. I’ll be definitely trying out some more recipes from the blog. Banana bread with Nutella anyone?

photo 2-1

Sultanas and vanilla buns & awesome vegan power bar

photo 4


Welcome to my blog about Nothing and Everything. Most probably the ‘Nothings’ and ‘Everythings’ will relate to food, travel and random thoughts and activities.

I hope to enjoy the process of creating this site and if, at the same time,  you can get something out of it that will be nice.